Bland Farms plans pink packaging

Bland Farms is getting ready for Breast Cancer Awareness Month by going pink.

Starting in late September, Bland Farms, Glenville, Ga., will switch to its all-pink logo on its packaging for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The company’s sweet onions will come in pink packaging, as well.

Packaging and point-of-sale material will include a list of foods shown to help prevent cancer, a recipe for good breast health and facts and statistics from the American Cancer Society, said Greg Smith, marketing communications manager of Bland Farms.

The company plans to partner with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation for the fifth year. A portion of the money made from the pink promotion will go to the foundation.


GloriAnn continues Corn for the Cause

GloriAnn Farms, Tracy, Calif., will continue Corn for the Cause for the third year.

The Corn for the Cause promotion donates a portion of every case of sweet corn sold at participating retailers throughout the month of October.

The donation will go to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, said Katie Veenstra, director of marketing.

GloriAnn Farms puts a Corn for the Cause sticker on the packages to draw attention to the cause at the consumer level.

The sticker tells consumers about the donation and where it is going.

For certain retailers, GloriAnn Farms also switches its corn trays to pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.


Breast Cancer Awareness business updatesMushroom Council funds City of Hope

The Mushroom Council is continuing to donate money to City of Hope for the 12th year.

The council, based in San Jose, Calif., plans to donate another $50,000 to City of Hope to add to the $850,000 they have donated in the past.

The donation goes to research on mushrooms and breast cancer, marketing coordinator for the council, Kathleen Preis said.

The council also provides labels with the City of Hope logo for industry leaders to use on their packaging for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The labels allow growers to show consumers what the industry is doing for breast cancer research.

The council also provides social media content to share with the industry.


Mango board works on research

The National Mango Board in Orlando, Fla., is working on a preliminary human study regarding mangoes and breast cancer that it hopes will lead to a larger study.

If the preliminary study shows positive results, the board will move forward with more research that it hopes to be able to share results for in the future, said Megan McKenna, director of marketing.

The study aims to see if mangoes have a positive effect on breast cancer.


Pink pumpkins join baking fundraiser

The Pink Pumpkin Patch Foundation, Rocky Ford, Colo., is partnering with “Bake it Happen” in a baking fundraiser.

The sisters behind Bake it Happen centered the fundraiser around baking recipes, including a pumpkin recipe, developed by their mother, mother who died of breast cancer.

Through October, participants can bake the items and submit a photo to the Bake it Happen Facebook page with the hashtage #bakeithappen or e-mail it to

Each time a photo is uploaded or e-mailed, money will be donated to the Pink Pumpkin Patch Foundation through Bake it Happen via an anonymous corporate donor, Jen Velasquez, marketing manager for Golden Sun Marketing, said on behalf of the foundation.

Participants can also win prizes.


Robinson Fresh continues MelonUp! program

Robinson Fresh, a division of Eden Prairie, Minn.-based C.H. Robinson, is in the seventh year of its MelonUp! Pink Ribbon watermelon program.

Since 2007, the program has donated almost $950,000 to breast cancer research organizations, said Josh Knox, category general manager for Robinson Fresh.

In the months leading up to and during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Robinson Fresh will promote watermelon’s many health benefits and donate a portion of all Pink Ribbon Watermelon sales to local breast cancer research organizations on behalf of participating retailers, Knox said.

The company anticipates surpassing the $1 million mark with this year’s program.


Shuman Produce products turn pink

Gearing up for Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, Shuman Produce, Reidsville, Ga., is going pink.

This year, Shuman Produce’s entire product line will be pink during October. Everything from bags and bins to cartons and PLUs will be pink, said Adam Brady, Shuman’s director of marketing.

On the back of the bags, health-conscious recipes will be prominent to promote a healthier diet as part of preventing breast cancer.

The company also plans on making a donation to assist the fight against breast cancer and it is getting involved in digital initiates to raise awareness.