Pom Wonderful expands aril line

Los Angeles-based Pom Wonderful is offering more options in its Pom Poms line of prepackaged arils, said Brad Paris, vice president and general manager of produce.

“We have a 4.3-ounce cup, as well as an 8-ounce cup now,” he said.

The smaller cup is to be a snack, he said.

“You can put it in a lunch box and eat it as a snack. The 8-ounce is for the person who eats them every day or puts them in yogurt.”

Last year, the company offered arils mainly in a 6-ounce bowl, Paris said.

“This year, it’s totally new. We have great signs and materials with it.”

Paris said Pom Wonderful’s aril program is marking its 10th anniversary this year.

“Annual growth has been 20%-30% on average each year, and we’re expecting similar growth this year,” he said.

PureFresh reports growth, new packs

Selma, Calif.-based PureFresh Sales Inc. is in a growth mode, said Bill Purewal, president.

“We just have a lot more growth overall,” he said, referring to the company’s kiwifruit, persimmon and pomegranate programs. “We have more pomegranates coming into production with the new smith variety. We have more wonderfuls. Fuyus are coming. We’re trying some new pack styles.

“To be able to support the smaller fruit in a price-conscious way, we’re trying to do that with a smaller mesh bag for the consumer to buy at certain stores in certain store demographics.”

Ruby Fresh launches website

Ruby Fresh Pomegranates, Firebaugh, Calif., has launched a website.

The website offers information on pomegranates and also about the company and its fresh pomegranates, arils and frozen aril offerings.

Ruby Fresh grows pomegranates primarily on the west side of the San Joaquin Valley.

Simonian increases promotional push

Fowler, Calif.-based Simonian Fruit Co. is putting a bit more extra effort on promotions this year, according to Jeff Simonian, sales manager.

“We trying to promote ourselves a little more this year with all the new growers and competition,” Simonian said. “We’ve been in the business a long time, but we haven’t reinvented the wheel.”

The company has done a video that showcases its experience, Simonian said.

We’ve done a little more advertising than normal, whatever we can to get our name our there with our experience and the message that we’re the shipper you can trust,” Simonian said.

Trinity Fruit doubles volume this season

Fresno, Calif.-based Trinity Fruit has nearly doubled pomegranate production this season, said John Hein, marketing director.

“We’ve increased production to about 700,000 boxes from about 350,000, which is a nice increase for us,” Hein said. “We’re probably the second-largest packer of pomegranates in the industry, behind Pom Wonderful.”

The addition of two new growers, whom Hein declined to name, accounted for about 75% of the increase in volume this year, he said.

More productive trees also are a factor, he said.

“The younger trees come into production, and older trees increase their production,” he said.

Youngstown offers one-serving arils pack

Youngstown Grape Distributors Inc., Reedley, Calif., is offering a single-serving size of arils, said Mike Forrest, president.

“We’re doing consumer packs and, on pomegranates, we’re doing a single-serving size for foodservice,” he said.

The company also is working with “a number of school districts” across the U.S., Forrest added.

“We’re able to ship our arils throughout the U.S. and Canada,” he said.

“We ship them as far away as far eastern Canada, and we’re able to do that 365 days a year. They travel well at proper temperatures. We’re achieving shelf life up to 16-18 days.”