Many Westside California melon grower-shippers have found the processing market to be a solid outlet for their product.

At Del Mar Farms, Patterson, Calif., sales manager Brian Wright said sales of honeydews and cantaloupes to processor are “definitely up.”

“The melon industry has a nice base now,” he said, adding that melons “are one of the most aggressively priced cut items” on a per-pound basis.

California melons find sweet spot in restaurants“We’re seeing more and more of it in restaurants, hotels and buffets,” he said.

Thanks to Westside melons, melons from the California and Arizona desert regions and offshore melons, there’s now a year-round supply of the product, he said.

“That has given foodservice companies and processors the confidence to promote melons throughout the entire year,” Wright said.

Processing product is “more variety based,” Wright said.

Some varieties have a higher brix level or are firmer than others, which is what processors prefer, he said, while others work better for retailers.

Crown Jewels Produce, Fresno, Calif., also sells melons to fresh-cut processors, said Atomic Torosian, managing partner.

“It’s a big business,” he said. “That business has been steady for the last eight to 10 years.”

Processors prefer larger fruit — size 6 or 9 on cantaloupes and 4 or 5 on honeydews, he said.

“They get more fruit by processing the larger sizes,” Torosian said.

Sales of melons to processors can vary from year to year, said Berj Moosekian, general manager for V H Azhderian & Co. Inc., Los Banos, Calif.

The company often sells cartons and bins of honeydew melons to fresh-cut operations.

Business is holding steady, he said.

Last year, the company sold a fairly significant amount of melons to a company that specializes in fruit for fresh-cut operations, he said.

This year, that volume may decrease because the firm is doing more field packing, which is a bit more complicated from a logistics standpoint for the company that buys it.

Sales to processors have been growing every year for Legend Produce LLC, Firebaugh, Calif., said owner Barry Zwillinger.

But they’ve expanded significantly over the past 24 as the company has stepped up its acreage of Origami cantaloupes.

“We have captured a tremendous amount of the fresh-cut program around the country because of our origami,” he said. “It’s the highest-yielding, highest-brix and best shelf life melon available for the processors today.”

Processing business at Legend Produce increased more than 100% from in 2013-14 compared to the previous year, he said.

Zwillinger attributes the increase to the addition of new customers as well as existing customers purchasing more fruit.

Five Crowns Marketing in Brawley, Calif., also ships Origami cantaloupes for fresh-cut, said Daren Van Dyke, director of sales and marketing.

“It’s an excellent processing melon,” he said.

Some of the melons that Turlock Fruit Co. Inc., Turlock, Calif., sell for processing are cut up in supermarkets, and others go through distribution centers, where they are cut before being sent to stores, said Steve Smith, co-owner.

Some of the company’s specialty melons are sold to processor, he said, but the majority of the fresh-cut melons are cantaloupes and honeydews.