The Chilean Avocado Importers Association’s Grab Some for the Game promotion offers $40,000 in prize money for winning retail displays.
The Chilean Avocado Importers Association’s Grab Some for the Game promotion offers $40,000 in prize money for winning retail displays.

By a number of marketers’ counts, the 2012-13 Chilean avocado season was light across the U.S., but they expect more fruit from Chile beginning in October.

As if often the case, much of what happens in the fall season will depend on Mexico and California, some marketers said.

“I think it depends on the California crop,” said Chris Puentes, president of Fullerton, Calif.-based Interfresh Inc. “Last year we had giant crops from California and Mexico squeezed them out. I expect opportunities to be a little greater next year.”

Chile will be prepared, with a full promotional program between October and March, said Karen Brux, director of the Chilean Avocado Importers Association, San Carlos, Calif.

Chile’s largest retail promotion will be a Grab Some for the Game promotion, which includes more than $40,000 in prize money for winning retail avocado displays, Brux said, adding that participating produce managers who submit a qualified Chilean avocado display photo will receive an online scratcher and have a chance to win $50 to $500.

Point-of-sale materials will be available to augment efforts, Brux said.

“With different themes, these materials will allow retailers to focus on everything from different eating occasions — like holidays and football — to the health and nutrition attributes of avocados,” Brux said.

Retailers also will have access to information on using avocados, recipes, images and videos they can post on their Facebook pages, websites or blogs, Brux said.

“Retail customers will also be offered chances to win gift cards through the successful Chilean Avocado Lovers Club,” Brux said.

Shoppers can go online to enter and can also scan quick-response codes on retail point-of- sale material, she said.

Association merchandisers will work with retailers to develop customized promotions to support their sales of Chilean avocados, Brux said.

“The more targeted we can be with our marketing efforts, the more successful we’ll be in expanding the market for Chilean avocados,” she said.

Brux said hass avocado sales in the U.S. from all regions are expected to grow by 10% in 2013, to 1.65 billion pounds, which feeds optimism about Chile’s upcoming marketing campaign.

“Despite this phenomenal growth, there are still millions of consumers who could be eating a lot more avocados,” she said. “There are significant opportunities to educate and expand the market, developing more volume users and trial users.”