While little boys swoon over their favorite “Cars 2” Disney characters, now appearing with a fruit or vegetable near you, little girls will soon have their own healthy snacks to covet.

For back-to-school time in September, Crunch Pak, Cashmere, Wash., is inverting its Foodles package, which normally sports Mickey Mouse ears, to become a carriage for one of four Disney princess characters.

“Disney has made the princess category so strong, and so identifiable for girls, some of these items have become number one sellers,” said Crunch Pak marketing director Tony Freytag.

Freytag said Crunch Pak declined to use the princesses when Disney first offered them several years ago. Yet anecdotal evidence from stores convinced the company of the characters’ star power.

“Yes, they’re girl-oriented, but they appeal to all the girls. We took the packages to a few trade shows and the response from little girls was mind-blowing,” Freytag said.

Now that it’s seen the strength of girl power, Freytag said Crunch Pak plans to introduce more princess-themed snack packs in the next few years.

Foodles pair the company’s red apple slices with snack items such as cheese, grapes and peanut butter.

Another fruit shipper who’s seen the power of princesses first-hand is Tim Dayka, managing member of Dayka & Hackett LLC, Reedley, Calif., and father of twin 10-year-old girls.

“You have no idea,” Dayka said, when asked if they love princesses.

The company has marketed the princess grape in bright pink boxes decorated with Disney princess characters.

“We have been successful in tying the grapes to the Disney brand, garnering attention for Disney and for the varietal,” Dayka said.