Highline Mushrooms, Leamington, Ontario, is launching two new products and some new packaging as it marks its 50th anniversary.

Founded in 1961 by Murray O’Neil, Highline has grown to become the largest mushroom grower in Canada and the third-largest in North America, said Jane Rhyno, director of sales and marketing.

The firm began operations in an eight-room farm and has grown to include four farms in Ontario and a distribution center in Montreal.

Highline has achieved many industry firsts, such as providing Canadians with triple-washed, sliced mushrooms; the large-scale production of pesticide-free and organic mushrooms; and the development of unique, value-added formats, such as blended exotic mushrooms, ready-to-serve mushrooms and vitamin D mushrooms, Rhyno said.

Most recently, the company launched two new stuffed portabella mushroom flavors — Rustic Mediterranean and Creamy Sundried Tomato. Both are available in 8.6-ounce packs.

They’re packaged in black recyclable tills designed to separate each portabella from the other, avoiding unnecessary bruising or damage, Rhyno said.

Highline also has launched updated labels that include quick-response codes designed to lead consumers to new ways to use mushrooms and to provide them with information about the health benefits of the product.

“Mushrooms are a true superfood, packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants,” Rhyno said. “Our QR code content is geared to bring all the wonderful benefits to our consumers and help foster their love and consumption of mushrooms.”