Memphis, Tenn.-based International Paper has a lot to offer the produce industry, said Peter Heist, area vice president.

The company has more than 110 packaging facilities in the U.S. and Mexico with many of them focusing on produce packaging.

“We are committed to continuing our support of the produce industry by offering a complete range of produce packaging innovations,” Heist said.

For example, the firm’s Chroma Pak process gives the look of a four-color image using as few as two colors.

The company calls the process “an innovative alternative to line art graphics.”

The company says its ClimaSeries offers a cost-effective wax alternative that meets or exceeds the perfor­mance of waxed packaging.

The recyclable boxes are salable though the regular old-corrugated containers recovery system and meet Fibre Box Association standards for the recycling of wax alternative materials.

The company experienced a 30% increase in the use of wax alternatives last year, Heist said.

International Paper offers several types of display-ready packaging, including OneTouch and Octalite that are designed to cushion and protect prod­ucts at each point in the distribution chain.

The firm says it can custom design boxes to provide additional strength, ventilation and/or moisture barriers to properly protect each produce item and help reduce shrink.

International Paper’s Mechanical Packaging System also offers machines that set up boxes as well as technicians who can give ongoing customer support, Heist said.

The Mechanical Packaging System’s new mini-former machine is smaller than the typical unit and is built with a lower profile for ease of use and storage, he said.

The smaller size also means reduced transportation costs and lower energy consumption.