Breast cancer awareness is important at Inglewood, Calif.-based J&K Fresh, a customs brokerage firm specializing in fresh produce, because the company’s bookkeeper started the Beautiful Day Foundation after she lost her daughter to breast cancer.

Daylani Santos, daughter of J&K bookkeeper Fanny Santos, died of breast cancer in 2006. Daylani and her family started the Beautiful Day Foundation in 2005.

The foundation’s main goal is to educate and support young women who are diagnosed with breast cancer.

Since then, J&K Fresh has sponsored the foundation in a number of ways, including raffles and golf tournaments. The company has also helped by donating a dollar for every billing that goes out of its office during the month of October. It plans on doing the same this year.

Lynnette Keffer, chief executive officer of J&K Fresh, said that Daylani’s death really affected people in the company.

She said the company does whatever it can to support Santos and the foundation.

“When someone is close to you, and work is like your second family, and when it hits that close to home and someone is that young, it really opens your eyes,” Keffer said.

Santos is glad that she works for a company that has been so supportive, both emotionally and financially.

“I am really so grateful,” Santos said. “Not a lot of companies would do that.”

Keffer said that being involved in any kind of cancer awareness program is important, because cancer affects so many people and it goes hand-in-hand with the produce industry.

“Eating more fresh fruits and vegetables help us to live healthier lifestyles, including having healthier cancer-free lifestyles,” Keffer said.

The donations J&K Fresh gives each year help keep the Beautiful Day Foundation going.