Yakima, Wash.-based Kwik Lok has two new printing options for customers that want more print space to work with.

The 884c, released June 20, and the 883m, showcased at the Produce Marketing Association’s Fresh Summit in October, offer 1.5 printable inches.

“We currently use this same type of printer from Markem to print on the plastic lok (closure) itself, but it offers a smaller print area than the labels do,” said Gary Ellington, sales manager of the Western division for Kwik Lok.

“That’s three times the print area of the 901 ink jet printer, but with the same degree of clarity,” Ellington said.

Ellington says the 884c, a standalone printer, can print more than 640 closures a minute and has a smaller footprint than the previous model in the series, the 884b.

“It has a simpler lok guide system that is faster to change over and requires fewer adjustments,” Ellington said.