HydroSerre changes packaging for lettuce

HydroSerre Mirabel, Quebec, now offers Duo, a double head of lettuce packaged in a clamshell with the roots removed.

The hydroponic lettuce company, which offers a wide variety of living lettuce products, originally offered the roots-removed lettuce in a plastic bag. Daniel Terrault, vice president of sales, said the change will provide a longer shelf life.

“When you keep the roots on, the shelf life is longer, but even with no roots if you maintain a cold temperature in the clamshell, it will last,” Terrault said.

Terrault also said the company offers both roots-on and roots-off lettuce because they fill different needs.

“Some people want the roots. They try to add water and keep it living, but for others, especially those with a big family, this package with the two heads of lettuce will be good.”

Luurtsema Sales introduces Flip-N-Grow

Luurtsema Sales Inc., Jenison, Mich., has launched the Flip-N-Grow hanging garden for tomato plants, manufactured entirely in Michigan.

The product’s “grow-lid” allows the plant to begin growing in a greenhouse so it is ready when consumers purchase it, shortening the time it takes for harvesting to begin, said Rob Arnold, vice president of marketing.

The product is available with 10 tomato varieties, including roma, as well as larger varieties and some cherry tomatoes, according to the product website.

North Shore makes staff changes

Gerry Watts was hired as the chief operating officer and general manager of North Shore Sales and Marketing Inc., Thermal, Calif.

Watts, who assumed his role at the beginning of May, has a long history in the produce industry working for several different companies. He brings extensive experience to this role, according to Serena Leiterman, marketing brand manager.

Leiterman was recently promoted from the executive assistant to Suzette Overgaag, vice president and chief financial officer, to the marketing brand manager.

In addition, David Coronado was hired as production manager for North Shore Greenhouses, Inc., in April 2012. North Shore Greenhouses grow living herbs for North Shore Sales and Marketing.