Mango waffles is a recipe offered on the National Mango Board website.
Mango waffles is a recipe offered on the National Mango Board website.

The mango industry’s unified campaign is helping boost consumption and consumer interest.

The National Mango Board is enjoying strong results from the Mangover marketing campaign it started in May.

The Mangover concept pushes the idea of shoppers “making over” their meals with mangoes, said Megan McKenna, director of marketing for the Orlando, Fla.-based organization.

“We are seeing record-breaking results,” she said.

“We have one focus and one message we’re trying to get across to the consumer. Every group we are reaching out to, whether it’s moms and kids or national media editors, everyone’s hearing the same message. Having that kind of focus has really helped increase the traction.”

The campaign encourages consumers to take their meals to the next level by pairing the excitement and sweetness of mangoes with other everyday menu items, McKenna said.

Salads and oatmeal, for example, can be topped with mangoes, and people are using them in smoothies.

To promote the concept, the board refreshed its social media sites and experienced success with its social media participation, she said.

The board is also developing more simplified recipes that encourage consumers to add more mangoes to their daily meals, McKenna said.

The mango and brussels sprouts comfort food recipe shows how mangoes can work in recipes throughout the year, she said.

The board works with U.S. consumer media to place mangoes in consumers’ vision.

Its new mango spokesman, daytime lifestyle television program host Clinton Kelly, has appeared in programs with Rachael Ray. He also spreads the word through the show he hosts, “The Chew,” about how mangoes work for consumers seeking healthy foods and lifestyles, McKenna said.

He’s also helping consumers learn how to select, cut and ripen mangoes, she said.

“Mangoes are becoming more mainstream, whether you’re looking at consumer messages or food and lifestyle magazines or are in retail stores running them on ad,” McKenna said.

“We are also seeing mangoes on restaurant menus. Mangoes are trendy and continue to be. Our promotions are helping them become top-of-mind with U.S. consumers.”