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National Grocers Association strikes deal with Sterilox

06/20/2012 02:11:00 PM
David Mitchell

The National Grocers Association has formed a partnership with Sterilox Fresh to provide NGA members with a produce promotion for the Malvern, Pa.-based company’s Sterilox Fresh System.

Sterilox, a division of PuriCore, manufactures a proprietary system that uses water, salt and electricity to generate a sanitizing solution used to rehydrate and wash fresh produce in retail stores.

“Leafy greens dehydrate as they work their way through the distribution system,” Geoff Koontz, Sterilox’s vice president of marketing. “Therefore, retailers crisp leafy greens in the produce back room for five to 10 minutes prior to merchandising them. Our Sterilox Fresh Solution replaces normal tap water.”

Koontz said there are two significant benefits to crisping in Sterilox Solution:

  • It kills spoilage organisms such as yeasts and molds that break down the product to enhance the shelf life and overall quality of the product.
  • Sterilox, which also kills E. coli 0157, salmonella, and listeria, prevents cross contamination in the crisping process.

Koontz said retailers also can use Sterilox in misting lines to reduce microorganisms on products and to keep misting nozzles clean. It also can be used to treat fresh-cut products that are produced at the store level.

“We do reduce wet rack shrink by 40%, wet rack trim labor by as much as 50% and case cleaning labor around 25%,” he said.

Peter Larkin, president and chief executive officer of the NGA, said in a news release that partnering with Sterilox Fresh ensured “independent retailers and wholesalers the opportunity to succeed and better serve the consumer.”

“Sterilox Fresh provides a unique value proposition for independent retailers,” he said. “Not only does the Sterilox Fresh System provide independents with a competitive advantage, but it also provides priceless value in reducing their food safety risk profile.”

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Richard Blossfeld    
North Carolina  |  August, 27, 2012 at 08:22 AM

To Peter Larkin: Is it the position of the NGA to endorse one product or system over another from within their trade group community using the facade of a "Promotion?" As a Safety Consultant I look to the NGA for information, not endorsements. In fact, I am now recommending aqueous ozone technology rather than electrolyzed water systems - they have a broader range of Pathogen Kill, Faster kill, and Longer kill. The costs for ozone systems can be 50% less than electrolyzed water. I've found one article that states electrolyzed water does not kill Noro-virus, Hep A or Cryptospiridium which Ozone does kill. I would prefer that the NGA serve its constituents with objective, balanced reporting on the options, features, and Pros/Cons of various products or systems rather than become and endorement agency! I suggest you search the web for ozone systems & technology which are employed widely outside the U.S. Possibly for a follow up article on new options and improving technologies outside your circle of Endorsed products. Sincerely, Richard Blossfeld Safety Consultant

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