Consumers of organic salad greens eat them 22 times per month compared to 12 for consumers of conventionally grown, according to research done by the Seurat Group for Earthbound Farm.

The findings were based on 828 responses to a questionnaire in January and focused on the consumer’s most recent packaged salad purchase. San Juan Bautista, Calif.-based organic grower-shipper Earthbound Farm showed the results Oct. 19-20 to visitors at its Produce Marketing Association Fresh Summit booth in New Orleans.

Organics and Earthbound consumers buy an average of 14 produce items monthly compared to 8.5 for conventional, the survey found.

“The most important thing we learned in our research is that for the most part packaged greens are an occasion-driven category,” said Samantha Cabaluna, Earthbound Farm vice president of communications and marketing.

The first choice shoppers made, often without reflection, is whether to buy a single-serve salad bowl or a multiserving bag or clamshell, the research found. Afterward they considered whether they’re buying leafy greens to have available for everyday use, as a side for a meal planned with others or as a meal option for themselves.

Only 84% of consumers surveyed used their packaged greens in a salad. The remaining 16% put them to other uses, including sandwich toppings, recipe ingredients, sautéed or blended in a smoothie, juice or shake.