“I always say we’re very pleased with the convention program,” said QPMA executive director Sophie Perreault, “but I think the speakers are really going to be a highlight this year.”

François Houde is a Quebec-based social marketing expert and founder of Varium, a consulting firm in social marketing.

Since 2004, Houde has been tracking changes in consumer eating habits related to the risks or benefits of food as portrayed in the media. He’s even coined a term, Food Stress Syndrome, as we rush to conform to the norm of “healthy eating.”

“Food stress is real,” said Perreault. “You want to eat well but there are so many choices and so much you need to know to figure out what to put in your cart — there’s a lot of pressure.”

Luc Dupont, who worked in advertising and has published four books including “1,001 Publicity Stunts,” is now a professor in the department of communication at the University of Ottawa, where he teaches courses on advertising, public relations, popular culture and media.

“He conducted a lot of research to see what our members are doing on social media,” said Perreault. “Are they LinkedIn? Are they tweeting? What is the Internet saying about these companies?

“I think it will be a wake-up call for our members,” she said.

In November 2013, Mylène Paquette, guest speaker at Aug. 23 industry brunch, became the first North American woman to row solo across the North Atlantic Ocean from Canada to France without a motor or sail. During her 129-day voyage she capsized 10 times and faced waves of more than 32 feet.

“Mylène has an inspiring story,” Perreault said. “She will tell us how she prepared for the challenge, her experience at sea and her plans for the future.”

Master of Ceremonies Alexandra Diaz is a Quebec radio and television host, author and marathon runner.

For more than a year Diaz has co-hosted the popular TV show “Cuisine Futée, Parents Pressés” (Smart Food, Busy Parents) and has a cookbook, Famille futée (Smart Family).