QPMA’s “I love 5 to 10 servings a day” campaign has picked up two new partners to help promote the consumption of fruits and vegetables in Quebec.

The syndicate of Quebec onion producers and the Quebec federation of fruit and vegetable processors bring the number of organizations supporting the campaign to 10.

QPMA executive director Sophie Perreault said partners bring financial support and specific expertise on their products or to help expand the association’s efforts.

QPMA has published a food guide in French on how to choose and cook with different onion varieties.

A guide on the benefits of frozen fruits and vegetables is scheduled for December.

“The federation of processors brings together hundreds of producers as well as large Quebec processing companies,” Perreault said. “Together, we want to show people that frozen, preserved or canned vegetables are practical solutions to help consumers enjoy great flavor and healthy ingredients at mealtimes.”

The “I Love” campaign, which launched 10 years ago, encourages people to eat better one serving at a time, Perreault said, by providing tips about simple ways to add more servings of fruits and vegetables to their diet.

Participation in this year’s “I Love” contest has increased exponentially in the last few years, she said, as members find more ways to integrate the campaign logo into their e-mail signature, on company vehicles, websites and social media.

At the industry brunch in Charlevoix, attendees will see the latest video on the 5 to 10 campaign and its spinoffs. The winners of the ninth annual contest will be announced.

The campaign was launched in 2004 to raise consumer awareness about the importance of eating produce as part of a healthy lifestyle and, as a result, to increase sales for the benefit of its members.

For more information, visit www.jaime5a10.ca/en or follow the campaign on facebook.com/jaime5a10.