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Translations, redlined versions of rule revisions availableForeign language fact sheets and red-lined versions of revisions to the proposed produce safety rule and three other proposed rules under the Food Safety Modernization Act are available from the Food and Drug Administration.

The online materials are designed to help those in the produce industry and other interested parties meet the Dec. 15 deadline for submitting comments, according to a news release. Comments can be filed online at

The fact sheets are available in English, Spanish, Japanese, simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese.

The redlined versions of revisions to the proposed produce safety rule, human food rule, animal food rule and foreign supplier verification program make it easy to compare the original proposal and the changes in the revisions.

Revisions to the proposed produce safety rule include five key areas, according to FDA officials:

  • water quality standard and testing more flexible;
  • manure strategy to be further studied;
  • better definition of what operations must comply;
  • withdrawal of qualified exemptions process further clarified; and
  • clarifying provisions on wild animals.

“The FDA published the original proposed rule on Jan. 16, 2013, and the comment period closed on Nov. 22, 2013; no additional comments are being accepted on the original proposed rule,” according to the release.

The complete text and details on each of the proposed rules and the revisions now open to comment are available online at: