West Pak Avocado Inc., based in Temecula, Calif., is celebrating its 30th anniversary by expanding some of its facilities, said Doug Meyer, vice president of sales and marketing.

The company has moved into new distribution facilities in Chicago and Edinburg, Texas, and “today all of our locations are equipped and staffed with our JustRipe avocado ripening centers,” he said.

West Pak opened its newest ripening center in June in Philadelphia.

“We have been distributing from there for some time, but the ripening center will really help us expand our reach in the Northeast, a market that is seeing double-digit growth in avocado consumption,” Meyer said.

The company is moving its corporate offices, too, Meyer said.

“By the end of the year, we’ll move into a brand new facility in Temecula,” he said, adding that the company’s main offices, California fruit packing line, ripening, and distribution center will all be housed there.

“These are really exciting times here at West Pak, and we’re looking ahead to a really bright future for the avocado category,” Meyer said, pointing to a continuing trend in consumption growth.

“You’ve got to expand in infrastructure and personnel, and stay in tune with the trends that are driving incremental sales for our customers, like specialized ripening, unique bag and pack configurations, and merchandising and promotional strategies,” Meyer said.

He declined to comment on how much the company spent on the projects.

West Pak was founded in Fallbrook, Calif., in 1982 and moved to Temecula 10 years later.

“Today we source, pack, ripen and distribute avocados from California, Mexico, Chile and Peru across North America and many parts of the world,” Meyer said.