Rainier Fruit Co., Yakima, Wash., has two varieties available after the first of the year.

Suzanne Wolter, director of marketing, said the Junami variety launched in December, and supplies should be available to ship in mid-January.

Rainier’s Lady Alice variety, which has been available for a few seasons, will be available again from early February to April, Wolter said.

“January to March are excellent months in which to introduce the newer varieties into the marketplace and the perfect opportunity for retailers to show consumers something new,” she said.

Wolter reports that each variety, exclusive to Rainier, has seen positive reviews.

“We’ve had excellent response to both of our exclusives,” she said.

“We’re confident the refreshing flavor profile of Junami will skyrocket the apple’s popularity over the next few seasons,” Wolter said, referring to mid-December reports for the new variety as being extremely positive.

Wolter is also pleased with Lady Alice’s results, saying it has done well in past seasons.

Despite the number of varieties in the marketplace right now, Wolter is confident both will perform well this year.

“Both varieties will find a place within the apple category mix,” she said, noting that retailers are finding ways to showcase all the new varieties using a rotation system.

“As growers, our biggest challenge is to make sure we pace production with demand and then rotate fruit properly so that consumers have a positive experience with the new variety,” she said.