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Promotions help retailers Go Bananas

10/11/2011 12:27:54 PM

Banana marketers are building on last year’s promotions to engage a younger crowd and celebrate... Read more.

More automation in the works for improved banana ripening

10/11/2011 12:26:11 PM

Jim “Banana Jim” Still, who invented tarpless ripening, believes the future of banana ripening lies... Read more.

Agreement on Mexican trucks pleases many in fresh produce industry

03/08/2011 12:06:08 PM

Mexican trucks once again will be allowed to roll along U.S. highways, after the two countries announced... Read more.

Banana sales cool off in summer

03/08/2011 11:59:42 AM

When the weather warms up, banana sales cool down. It’s a reality in the banana business, as marketers... Read more.

Fair Trade gains foothold in banana category

03/08/2011 11:57:25 AM

Banana marketers see Fair Trade not only as a useful marketing tool. They say it’s one of the most... Read more.

Hispanic interest makes plantains the specialty item leader

03/08/2011 11:54:45 AM

Increasing ethnic minority populations and their discriminating tastes appear to be helping red and burro... Read more.

Schools provide a viable foodservice outlet for bananas

03/08/2011 11:51:13 AM

Banana marketers say they have the right product for foodservice customers, particularly schools and other... Read more.

Hen House low-price banana promotion garners attention

03/08/2011 11:47:21 AM

Hen House, a retailer in the Kansas City, Mo., area, recently ran newspaper ads promoting Dole bananas... Read more.

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