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Citrus marketing business updates

01/23/2015 9:44:00 AM

Bee Sweet brands bags of mandarins Fowler, Calif.-based Bee Sweet Citrus has joined the movement to... Read more.

California citrus growers get out 'green' message

01/22/2015 2:32:46 PM

California citrus growers are fighting back against misperceptions they say are hurting their industry. Starting in... Read more.

Sunkist offers redesigned POS materials

01/22/2015 2:29:34 PM

Valencia, Calif.-based Sunkist Growers Inc. has redesigned point-of-sale materials for its citrus varieties. “We want to... Read more.

Citrus growers coping with challenges

01/22/2015 2:25:58 PM

After a warm fall and one of the hottest summers on record, California citrus growers were relieved... Read more.

Cuties in Happy Meals receive warm welcome

01/22/2015 2:21:50 PM

Cuties mandarins are getting rave reviews as part of McDonald’s Happy Meal for kids. “The company... Read more.

Seedless citrus trend stays strong

01/28/2014 5:26:35 PM

Americans have developed a preference for seedless produce, and citrus companies strive to maintain those... Read more.

Melissa’s expands seasonal specialty citrus

01/28/2014 5:24:22 PM

World Variety Produce, Los Angeles, which markets under the Melissa’s label, focuses on providing seasonal... Read more.

TexaSweet seeks to keep greening out, educate kids

01/28/2014 5:21:26 PM

For the 2013-14 season, Mission-based TexaSweet Citrus Marketing Inc., has placed a large focus on... Read more.

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