Grow Farms expands into sweet corn deal

Grow Farms, a 25-grower cooperative that supplies an array of locally grown produce to Louisville, Ky.-based wholesaler Horton Fruit Co., has expanded its production into sweet corn this year, said Brian Knott, Grow Farms’ president.

“It’s a big expansion — about 200 acres and five growers,” Knott said.

Harvest Sensations offers list of local specialties

Los Angeles-based Harvest Sensations, a specialty arm of foodservice distributor Pro*Act, now features a “Farmers Market” list of locally grown specialty products, said Gwen Gulliksen, sales and marketing director for Harvest Sensations.

“In the summer, we see lots of fabulous heirloom melons, stone fruit, berries and heirloom tomatoes,” Gulliksen said.

Ted & Honey uses local procurement firm

Ted & Honey, a Brooklyn, N.Y., restaurant that emphasizes locally grown ingredients on its menu, is now working with New York-based Basis Foods, whose focus is the procurement of homegrown fruits, vegetables, meat and dairy products.

“They go out and help the farmers with orders and bring the product into restaurants,” said Christopher Jackson, executive chef and owner at Ted & Honey. “Now, I’m able to grow that local program. That was an amazing addition.”