The growth in large-cap portabellas and baby bellas and consumers’ interest in upscale dining at home have prompted Modern Mushroom Farms, Avondale, Penn., to add a spinach, artichoke and parmesan flavor to its successful value-added line of stuffed portabella caps.

“As consumers are eating at home more frequently, we have seen a desire for products that deliver a chef-quality experience at a reasonable price point,” said Greg Sagan, senior vice president of sales and marketing.

“Many of our retailers have gone from merchandising the stuffed products in their produce department to displaying them in their meat and deli departments,” Sagan said.

Modern is also providing more recipes at the store level to inspire consumers, he said, and the company’s new website offers more than 80 recipes plus nutritional and health information on the benefits of mushrooms.

Modern’s new Facebook page includes recipes, handling and cooking tips and provides an interactive experience, he said.