One foodservice trend that has trickled down to home cooks is the idea of pickling onions.

“Pickled onions are an up-and-coming trend,” said Kim Reddin, director of public relations for the Greeley, Colo.-based National Onion Association.

Reddin said the idea largely began with street food and food trucks, but is also popular in fast casual and fine dining, whether on tacos, sandwiches or other dishes.

“We’re starting to see foodservice move away from the plate being all about the protein and see more creative uses of fruits and vegetables in side dishes and other recipes,” Reddin said.

Not only have consumers responded because of the desire to eat healthier, it’s something different for the taste buds, both of which benefit the produce industry.

To capitalize on the trend, the association recently featured a pickled onion recipe in a series on onion-themed sandwich recipes that will be distributed to foodservice outlets, according to Reddin.

“It’s a quick and easy way to use onions, and you can add it to almost anything you can think of,” she said, noting she expects to see the trend continue for a while.

“It’s just really popular right now,” Reddin said.