Organic importer Awe Sum Organics Inc. is bringing in a new Peruvian gold pineapple this year.

Awe Sum offers gold pineapple from Peru
 Courtesy Awe Sum Organics Inc.

A pineapple being imported into the U.S. from Peru by Awe Sum Organic Inc. under the Sol Sol label is an improved variety, says David Posner, president and chief executive officer.

Capitola, Calif.-based Awe Sum Organics, formerly Farmers Fruit Express Inc., expected its first shipment of the MD2 gold pineapple late April.

“It’s a better variety of gold pineapple,” said David Posner, president and chief executive officer. “It’s grown right next to the equator, so it’s really sweet and juicy because of the nice, dry climate.”

The pineapple will be marketed under the Sol Sol label, which is the grower’s label. It should be available year-round. Awe Sum imports on both coasts.

The company also plans to increase its Chilean hass avocado deal this fall and winter.

“Instead of just having a minor deal, we’re going to pull some substantial volumes,” Posner said.

Posner said Awe Sum’s Chilean hass avocados are gaining interest because the company’s growers wait until the oil content is high to harvest.

“They always have a really good flavor because we wait for that oil,” Posner said.

Awe Sum also looks to expand its Chilean blueberry deal — in both volume and pack size — this season. The company is transitioning all its blueberry packaging into 6-ounce clamshells, instead of 4.4-ounce, Posner said.

This spring and summer, Awe Sum will continue with its Chilean and New Zealand apple programs, as well as its New Zealand gold and green kiwifruit deals.

“New Zealand apples this year are particularly spectacular,” Posner said April 16. “So far, galas are in, and we hear the rest are great.”

The company was just getting started on its apple program mid-April, and should start with kiwifruit by the first of May. The company markets Zespri kiwifruit in volume-filled, one-layer and bagged formats.