Alliance Rubber focuses on traceability

Hot Springs, Ark.-based Alliance Rubber Co. is intensifying its focus on traceability this year, said Jason Reisner, strategic marketing manager for the company, which produces bands for bulk produce.

It also is debuting, he said, is a label to print a four-color image on a rubber band.

Crunch Pak pushes rigid container packs

Crunch Pak, Cashmere, Wash., is marketing rigid container packs for its Dipperz, Snackers and Foodles products, said Tony Freytag, senior vice president.

The package, which is divided into compartments with clear film that allows for product visibility, is designed to protect the product from bruising, he said.

The elements in the packaging design combine to give the product a 21-day shelf life “that reduces shrink and increases efficiency throughout the whole supply chain,” Freytag said.

FormTex Plastics to roll out products

Packaging material manufacturer FormTex Plastics, based in Houston, plans to unveil new products in the fall, said David Grice, produce packaging sales and marketing agent.

He declined to go into detail, but he said as many as 40 new items will be introduced around the time of the Produce Marketing Association Fresh Summit, Oct. 26-28 in Anaheim, Calif.

Meanwhile, FormTex is expanding its Mexico operation, F&F Plastics, in Guadalajara.

FormTex’s Mexican manufacturing unit makes plastic thermoformed packaging and includes a full line of stock plastic and corrugated packaging, as well as padding and labeling, Grice said.

Fox Packaging makes reclosable combo bag

McAllen, Texas-based Fox Packaging is doing a reclosable combo bag with a zipper top, said Aaron Fox, executive vice president.

“The idea behind that is some people want to be able to print on the bag for traceability,” he said.

Lot numbers of the source of the product can be printed on the bag, accommodating whatever information customers want on the bag, Fox said.

The patented bag has mesh and polyfilm sides, Fox added.

Hollandia Produce

Carpinteria, Calif.-based Hollandia Produce LLC plans to introduce a “value-added packing idea” for end users and merchandisers later this year, said Vince Choate, marketing director.

He declined to disclose any details, but he said in late June the company was test-marketing the idea and getting consumer feedback.

IFCO Systems

Tampa, Fla.-based IFCO Systems is putting “lift latches” on all new reusable plastic containers, said Fred Heptinstall, president and general manager with the company’s RPC Management Services division.

“Their real value comes at store level when somebody is folding down many of these each day,” Heptinstall said.

International Paper adds mini-former

Ease of use is the idea behind a new miniature former at Memphis, Tenn.-based International Paper, said Don Wallace, director of produce with the company.

The machine is part of IP’s Mechanical Packaging System, which includes machines that set up boxes and has technicians who offer customer support, Wallace said.

He said the machine’s smaller size lowers transportation costs and energy usage.

Monterey Mushrooms markets resealables

Watsonville, Calif.-based Monterey Mushrooms Inc. is building interest in resealable bags for its sliced mushrooms, vice president Joe Caldwell said.

“We’re continuing to respond to private label retailers and how do we deal with this new packaging aspect with their private label limitations,” he said.

Package Containers goes locally grown

Canby, Ore.-based Package Containers Inc. has developed a “Locally Grown” line of HomeToter bags, which are single-handle kraft bags with coordinating wire ties, said Robert Degnan, president and chief executive officer.

The bag line features a wrap-around, forest-green farm scene on natural kraft stock and has a matching imprinted handle and logo reinforcing the locally grown concept, the company said. The certified-compostable paper used in the bags meets standards set by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Inks and glues are water-soluble.

The bag, which features the company’s Quad-Fold handle, is reusable, Degnan said. The bags are available in three sizes, holding 4-5, 5-8 and 8-10 pounds.

Rainier Fruit to change apple label design

Selah, Wash.-based Rainier Fruit Co., which recently changed the design on its organic blueberry clamshells, plans to do the same for apples during the upcoming Washington apple deal, said Suzanne Wolter, marketing director.

The changes will feature a more-noticeable “USDA Organic” label, Wolter said.

The company added a bright color, as well as a larger “organic” designation on the packages, she said.

The change for apples will begin with the start of the upcoming deal, in late August or early September, Wolter said.

Sealed Air releases multiseal packaging

Elmwood Park, N.J.-based Sealed Air Corp. has introduced an “easy-open-and-seal” package called MultiSeal FoldLOK, said Kari Dawson-Ekeland, marketing director for adjacent markets with the food & beverage division.

“It’s an easy-open-and-close package that can be done in a stand-up pouch or fold pack,” Dawson-Ekeland said.

The package currently has no produce applications, but the company plans to work it into that area, Dawson-Ekeland said.

Wish Farms creates laser-tagging system

Plant City, Fla.-based Wish Farms has a mobile website that enables customers to scan product information on packages, said Gary Wishnatzki, president.

“One of the big trends with consumers is to know where their produce comes from, and now a 16-digit number is appended to the website, so if the consumer scans that code, it takes him to the website,” he said.

The website includes videos of growers, a link on which customers can leave feedback and other features, Wishnatzki said.

Wish Farms also has developed a laser-tagging system called FireTag to label entire pallets of products with a single application, Wishnatzki said.

The company has applied for a patent on the system, which, as of early July, was still in prototype form and, thus, was not yet ready for the mass market.

More information is available at

Yerecic Label overhauling labels

New Kensington, Pa.-based Yerecic Label is working on labels allowing for more product information, said Rich Thoma, vice president of sales and marketing with the company.

“You have your normal prime label facing out, but by peeling the label up, you can get some additional usage information or recipes or usage ideas,” he said.