To Mike Vierzba, less really is more.

Vierzba, business development and marketing manager for Antigo, Wis.-based Volm Cos., said the company’s new Ultratech mesh is produced with less raw material than standard raschel mesh without sacrificing the strength of produce bags.

Vierzba said an Ultratech bag designed to hold 10 pounds of produce weighs about 20 percent less than a 10-pound raschel mesh bag.

The reduction in mass and weight results in reduced transportation costs.

“A standard pallet of raschel 10-pound bags contains 24,000 bags and weighs 832 pounds,” Vierzba said. “The same size pallet of Ultratech contains 48,000 bags and weighs 1,200 pounds.”

A truck load could contain 576,000 more Ultratech bags compared to raschel mesh, Vierzba said. A truck also would reach its maximum weight load with 12 fewer pallets using Ultratech instead of raschel, Vierzba said.

“Many of our customers take several truckloads a year,” he said. “The mass reduction results in one out of three truckloads being removed from the road, a major reduction in cost and resources for the shipper, manufacturer, etc. In addition, there are savings in the reduction of space required to warehouse the materials.”

Vierzba said citrus, onions and potatoes are the commodities being targeted by Volm for its new product. He said the improvements in the product did not result in a cost increase compared to other mesh products the company offers.

Vierzba said Ultratech can be recycled, and Volm hopes to have a biodegradable version of the product in the future.

He said the new mesh also is more appealing at retail than similar products.

“A bonus benefit is the stability gained when compared to other mesh materials,” Vierzba said.

“It doesn’t sag or sprawl out in unattractive directions. Labels adhere flat — no separation from the surface applied to — giving a better surface to merchandise from. No glues are used to apply the label. We can offer brilliant colors and color combinations that can set one brand apart from others. The unique diamond shape of our pattern showcases the content better than standard meshes. Overall, the retailer can better merchandise using Ultratech.”