Several potato suppliers are relying on marketing programs directed at children.

Potandon Produce LLC, Idaho Falls, Idaho, created its animated Klondike family in 2012.

The family features six main characters, Papa Andy, a Klondike Goldust; Mama Rose, a Klondike Rose variety; and three children, Finnegan, a fingerling; Annabelle, a yellow Klondike Gourmet; and Violet, a purple Klondike Gourmet. The stories also feature Pat, a pat of butter, as the family pet.

The program is designed to educate younger consumers about potato varieties and the nutritional value of potatoes. Children can find online story books, coloring pages and other activities on the company’s website.

In the future, Potandon plans to expand the presence of these characters, developing more stories and giving each its own social media presence, among other things, marketing supervisor Barbara Keckler said.

“We have Annabelle dolls, the first in our offerings, and will be looking forward to other characters and contests in the future,” Keckler said.

Other companies also offer programs designed for children.

Wada Farms Marketing Group LLC, Idaho Falls, developed its Fun Bite-Size Potatoes product line with kids in mind.

“The packaging is kid friendly, and it certainly stands out on the shelf,” marketing and new product development director Chris Wada said.

Wada said the company is working on ways to engage children on the website and through recipes that are kid-friendly to make.

“The goal is to offer creative, fun ways where kids can interact and help parents cook,” he said.

The U.S. Potato Board, Denver, said that even though it doesn’t market directly to children, it did create an educational coloring book in partnership with Nourish Interactive, a website resource for parents about the importance of nutrition and exercise.

The book features several children who are learning about potatoes from a chef who is having a potato party for everyone to celebrate their favorite potato recipes.

It is available for download from the board’s website or from