The Washington State Potato Commission, Moses Lake, won its potato bet with the Colorado Potato Administrative Committee after the Seattle Seahawks beat the Denver Broncos in this year’s Super Bowl.

As the loser of the bet, Colorado donated 25,500 pounds of fresh potatoes to Seattle food banks, 500 pounds for every point scored in the Seahawks 43-8 victory on Feb. 2.

The Washington commission matched the donation by giving 25,500 pounds of potatoes to Denver food banks, something Jim Ehrlich, executive director of the Colorado Committee, said was the plan all along.

“It was just some good, clean fun. The intention all along was for both states to make a donation,” he said.
“The Washington State Potato Commission has decided to match the donation so both cities will find themselves victorious,” Ryan Holterhoff, director of marketing and industry affairs, said.

An estimated 76,500 servings of potatoes will be served to people within both communities, according to Holterhoff.

Both organizations were able to take advantage of increased media attention during the bet, particularly with social media interactions.

“Both organizations made sure to include lighthearted posts that taunted the other group on a daily basis and so this helped followers on each site share their comments and predictions of the game,” Holterhoff said.

The bet isn’t quite over yet, however. In addition to the potato donation, the executive director of the losing team’s state agreed to participate in a promotional effort in the opposing state’s city.

“We will be working on generating ideas and scheduling the time when Jim Ehrlich from the Colorado committee will help promote Washington potatoes,” Holterhoff said.