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GEORGIA — Shipments (1,458-1,263-1,057, red-flesh seeded 122-80-63; red-flesh seedless 1,336-1,183-994) — Movement expected to decrease. Trading red-flesh seeded 35s and red-flesh seedless 60s moderate, others very slow. Prices red-flesh seed 35s and red-flesh seedless 60s slightly higher, others lower. 24-inch bins per pounds red-flesh seeded-type 35s 12-13 cents; red-flesh seedless-type 36s mostly 11 cents, 45s mostly 12 cents, 60s 13-14 cents. Quality generally good.

SAN JOAQUIN VALLEY, CALIF. — Shipments (314-303-384, seedless 294-278-352, seeded 20-25-32) — Movement expected about the same. Trading seedless 35 count fairly active at slightly lower prices, others fairly active. Prices seedless 35 count slightly lower, seedless 45 count generally unchanged, others slightly higher. 24-inch bins per pound red-flesh seedless-type approximately 35 count mostly 18 cents, approximately 45 count mostly 19-20 cents, approximately 60 count 17-18 cents; red-flesh seeded-type approximately 35 and 45 counts 12-14 cents. Quality generally good.

TEXAS — Shipments (500-349-182, seedless 480-333-171, seeded 20-16-11) — Movement expected to decrease slightly. Trading early slow, late moderate. Prices 45 count lower, others higher. 24-inch bins per pound red-flesh seedless-type approximately 35 and 45 count mostly 15-16 cents, approximately 60 count mostly 14 cents. Quality variable.

SOUTH CAROLINA — Shipments (171-140*-125, red-flesh seeded 21-18-6; red-flesh seedless 150-122*-119) — Movement expected to remain about the same. Trading seeded 35s and seedless 60s moderate, other seedless slow. Prices slightly lower. 24-inch bins per pound red-flesh seeded 35s mostly 13 cents; red-flesh seedless 36s and 45s mostly 11-12 cents, 60s 13-14 cents. Quality generally good.

IMPERIAL AND COACHELLA VALLEYS, CALIF., AND CENTRAL AND WESTERN ARIZONA — Shipments (seedless AZ 224-207-103, CA 19-0-0) — Movement expected to decrease sharply as most shippers are finished for season. Supplies insufficient to establish a market. Quality generally good. Lighter shipments were expected to continue through July 19. LAST REPORT.

MISSOURI — Shipments (0-8-64, red-flesh seeded 0-2-6; red-flesh seedless 0-58-*) — Movement expected to increase. Trading moderate. 24-inch bins per pound red-flesh seedless-type 36s 14 cents, 45s 15 cents and 60s 15-16 cents. Quality generally good. *unavailable

NORTH CAROLINA — Shipments (1-16-37, red-flesh seeded 1-6-5; red-flesh seedless 0-10-32) — Movement expected to increase as more shippers begin the season. Sufficient volume and number of shippers for first f.o.b. report were expected the week of July 14.

SOUTHWEST INDIANA AND SOUTHEAST ILLINOIS — Shipments (0-0-8, red-flesh seeded 0-0-0; red-flesh seedless 0-0-8) — Very light harvest has begun. Expect sufficient volume for first f.o.b. by late July.

DELAWARE, MARYLAND, EASTERN SHORE, VA. — Light harvest was expected to begin by the week of July 21 with sufficient volume and number of shippers for first f.o.b. report by the week of July 21.

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SPECIAL REPORT: Processing Packaging Technology

Burger King supplier speeds line to meet apple demand

Officials at Appeeling Fruit Inc. knew they were going to pick up the pace in their packing facility when they installed a band sealer — they just didn’t know how much they needed the new machine when they bought it.

With a contract to supply sliced apples to Burger King’s Northeast region set to kick in June 1, Ryan Gebely said the faster line is absolutely necessary for the Daubervile, Pa., company.

The company already supplies private-label products to the Wegmans grocery chain.

“We just finished signing all the documents and will be doing 2-ounce packages for Burger King beginning June 1,” said Gebely, director of sales and marketing.

Gebely said Appeeling Fruit was already feeling production pressure when it bought a band sealer — a Doboy B-550 — from BaggingGuys, York, Pa., about a year ago. The company’s business had outgrown its packing capacity and the new band sealer promised to speed up the line and reduce downtime.

“One of the main differences is the ease of cleaning and changing bands and other parts,” Gebely said. “It’s got a self tracker, and that saves time too.”

The old band sealer on Appeeling Fruit’s pack line frequently needed new heating elements and bands, which required time-consuming maintenance involving removing multiple parts to make the replacements.

With the new machine, replacing a band is as simple as releasing the tension on it, slipping it off and slipping on a new band.

Gebely said there has been almost no downtime on the line since the new equipment was installed.

“It self-aligns and there aren’t any bolts or parts to remove. We’re back up and running in a matter of a few minutes,” Gebely said.

Employees also had to manually date stamp each bag before the new band sealer was installed. The new Doboy unit has an integrated Markem date coder that eliminated the need for hand stamping, further speeding production.

Appeeling Fruit has been in the fresh-cut apple business since 1998.

The company expanded its facility in 2009 to about 23,000 square feet. It has about 160 employees and runs two shifts seven days a week. The company processes about 40,000 pounds of apples per day.

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