Hy-Vee joins EPA program

Hy-Vee Inc., West Des Moines, Iowa, has become the latest retailer to join the Environmental Protection Agency’s GreenChill Program, which helps stores reduce refrigerant emissions and decrease their effect on the ozone layer and climate change.

The EPA said in a news release that by joining GreenChill, Hy-Vee commits to
requiring that all of its new and remodeled stores use non-ozone-depleting refrigerants, reduce the amount of refrigerant they use and eliminate refrigerant leaks and adopt green refrigeration technologies, strategies and practices.

Hy-Vee operates 229 retail stores in eight Midwestern states.

The EPA launched the GreenChill Partnership three years ago, and it now includes 49 retail partners with about 5,500 stores nationwide. The agency said GreenChill member’s refrigerant leak rates are about half the industry average.


Conwed introduces ‘green’ case liners

Conwed Plastics Inc. has introduced Vexar EcoLiner, a case liner that does not include polyvinyl chloride, or PVC.

The Minneapolis-based manufacturer said in a news release that the liners are made of a composite material that produces 40 percent less waste than traditional liners.

“Many of the nation’s top retailers and manufacturers are removing PVC from their packaging and reducing waste as part of achieving their sustainability goals,” Conwed said in the release. “New EcoLiner Case Liner is a great way to go PVC-free while safely storing or displaying your produce and other products.”

GE introduces long-lasting LED

General Electric Co., Fairfield, Conn., is offering stores an energy-efficient alternative to conventional halogen or incandescent retail lights.

The company said in news release that its Energy Smart LED Retail PAR38 lamp offers more than 850 lumens and uses less than 16 watts of energy.

“GE’s LED technology provides significant energy savings and color quality demanded by merchants,” Steve Briggs, vice president of marketing and product management for GE Lighting, said in the release.

“Our latest LED PAR38 offers superior, bright light to help consumers see the true color, style and price of merchandise, while giving retailers the opportunity to be good stewards of the environment.”

The new light-emitting diode, or LED, lamp is expected to last 25,000 hours, GE said.