(Nov. 9) A new fresh-cut product provides a twist on summertime favorite corn on the cob.

Supreme Cuts LLC, Mahwah, N.J. is offering retail and foodservice packs of its “Off the Cob” fresh kernel corn. The company says it’s the first product of its kind, fresh corn cut off the cob and packaged for the refrigerated produce section of the grocery store.

Off the Cob corn hit the shelves in Eastern retail stores Nov. 1. Dale Chase, national sales manager, said it would be merchandised year-round with value-added, fresh-cut produce in the refrigerated section.

“What’s unique about our product is that it’s completely fresh and, in our case, stays fresh the entire time,” Chase said.

Supreme Cuts’ processing and shipping facility in Mahwah receives sweet corn from its contracted growers in Florida and California within 36 hours of harvest. The corn is cut off the cob with proprietary equipment, triple-washed, rinsed in a water bath with ascorbic and citric acid, and packaged in a microwaveable film. When kept in cold storage, the product has a 14-day shelf life.

Chase said the idea for this product came from walking up and down the frozen aisles at grocery stores. Corn, if not fresh on the cob, is either frozen or canned.

“Everybody’s looking for something new in fresh produce and value-added, and there really hasn’t been that much in the last few years besides new packaging,” Chase said. “How do we change consumers’ eating habits from frozen to fresh?”

The new product is available at Rochester, N.Y.-based Wegmans, Union City, N.J.-based A&D Grocery, and Bethpage, N.Y.-based King Kullen stores. By Dec. 1, Chase expects to have up to a dozen new accounts for the product.

The suggested retail price is between $3.49 and $3.99 for the 12-ounce package. Supreme Cuts also sells the product in a 2.5-pound package for foodservice.

New Jersey firm rolls out fresh-cut corn
Supreme Cuts' Off the Cob fresh-cut corn comes in 12-ounce retail bags and 2 1/2-pound foodservice bags.