(Dec. 10) Jango Mango is racing through Washington, D.C., to encourage mango consumption.

Jango — the new face of the National Mango Board — recently made his first public appearance at the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, D.C., said Wendy McManus, marketing director for the Winter Park, Fla.-based board, which was a marathon sponsor.

The mascot greeted 24,000 runners and others in attendance at the Oct. 27-28 event.

“People of all ages — kids, seniors, grumpy old men — we saw their faces light up when they saw Jango Mango,” McManus said. “He’s so brightly colored, and his face is so friendly and inviting.”

The 2008 promotional schedule has not been etched in stone, but expect Jango appearances at Cinco de Mayo events, trade shows and soccer matches. The board plans to sponsor the U.S. Youth Soccer League, she said.

Jango also will have greater online exposure by January, McManus said.

The board plans to establish www .myspace.com and www .facebook.com pages for Jango, featuring mango recipes, similar to the board’s Web site, but in a more casual manner, she said.

“It’s more of an interactive clearinghouse for information,” McManus said.

New mango mascot rallies runners in D.C.
Jango Mango greets runners in the Oct. 27-28 Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, D.C.