(Jan. 22, 6:27 p.m.) Ocean Mist Farms, Castroville, Calif., is promoting its “frost-kissed” artichokes as a more flavorful choice over regular artichokes because of the plants’ exposure to cold temperatures.

“Our first frost started in late December,” said Kori Tuggle, marketing manager for Ocean Mist Farms.

Frost turns an artichoke dark brown, peeling slightly.

Tuggle said these artichokes, usually available through April, appeal to “foodies who know what to look for” and like the “nuttier” taste of frosted artichokes. A marketing campaign of information in grocery stores is aimed at consumers who aren’t familiar with how frost affects artichokes and might not buy them based on the cosmetic changes.

“It truly is a cosmetic condition,” Tuggle said. “When you take them and cook them it disappears.”