(Oct. 29, PACKER WEB EXCLUSIVE) The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency has fined Dole Fresh Vegetables Inc. $54,450 for violations at its Springfield, Ohio, plant.

Dole agreed to fix deficiencies in its chemical risk management plan as part of a settlement, the Ohio EPA said in a news release.

The Ohio EPA said Dole uses anhydrous ammonia for refrigeration at the plant and also treats processing water with chlorine. The amount of those chemicals used requires the company to file a risk management plan, but Dole had not done so during an inspection. Dole also failed to provide proper training for employees, the agency said.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has fined Dole Packaged Foods, LLC $86,930 for failing to report an ammonia chemical release at its at its facility in Atwater, Calif. The EPA said in a news release the Dole also lacked written operating procedures for the refrigeration system at that facility.