(Oct. 25) The Fadler Co., Tulsa, Okla., has joined the Produce Alliance, a move designed to help service a sparsely-represented area, and drive new business for both companies.

Nashville, Tenn.-based Produce Alliance can now supply fresh produce to more customers in Oklahoma and southern Missouri, said Joe Collier, partner and director of distribution and business development for Produce Alliance.

“It was a market where we needed coverage,” Collier said. “They have made a major commitment to being a produce specialist in surrounding markets, and their commitment to expansion fits very well with our growth plan.”

Fadler was founded in 1913, and it wants strengthen its presence in the industry, Collier said.

This newfound relationship should help both companies expand, he said.

“They have really begun focusing on produce as a major category and have slowly built their produce program into something that is very well constructed,” Collier said. “We can take it and maximize the sale potential, as well as implement their services to (an existing) base of customers.”