(Feb. 1, PACKER WEB EXCLUSIVE) Some good news will be in the offing for growers and processors at the California Garlic and Onion Symposium Feb. 11 in Tulare, Calif., the day before the opening of the World Ag Expo.

Attendees will hear results of research conducted at the direction of the California Garlic and Onion Research Advisory Board, Clovis, to combat white rot disease, said Robert Ehn, the board’s chief executive officer and technical manager. The advisory board was created by a marketing order three years ago, he said.

“The results of the research are promising,” Ehn said. “The industry now has the tools to fight white rot.”

One chemical application has been registered as a result of the research, and another chemical will soon be registered, Ehn said. Genetic research also has found that amplifying a variety’s inbred traits can help fight the disease, he said.

Speakers at the symposium include researchers from Oregon State University, Washington State University, the University of California at Davis, the New Zealand Crop and Food Research Institute and the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Ehn said. Farm advisors from several garlic and onion producing California counties will detail grower efforts to combat white rot disease.

The symposium will be at Tulare County’s University of California Extension offices, adjacent to the International Agri-Center.