The Pacific Coast Fruit Co., Portland, Ore., has made a donation, matched by Food Alliance, to partially pay for the first ten Pacific Coast growers to apply for Food Alliance certification.

Growers who receive certification, which Pacific Coast received earlier this year, must be environmentally cautious with its produce, energy, water, waste and hazardous materials. Pacific Coast extends the offer throughout the U.S. and Canada, but mainly in Oregon and Washington.

The company announced the donation on Aug. 23 at its annual Harvest Festical Restaurant and Retail Food Show, where local products were promoted and sampled. The festival was also a chance for Pacific Coast and attending growers to donate more than 6,000 pounds of produce to the Oregon Food Bank.

“We hosted the Harvest Festival, and are offering financial assistance for growers to become Food Alliance Certified, because we’re committed to supporting a vibrant and healthy local farming community and increasing the availability of sustainable produce to retailers, restaurants and consumers,” said Jaynelle Nash, foodservice sales manager, in a news release.