(March 13) Sierra Heights Marketing, Porterville, Calif., is marking the company’s 10th anniversary with a name change to Homegrown Organic Farms.

“We wanted to make sure the lines between organic produce and conventionally grown produce aren’t muddied,” said Scott Mabs, the company’s director of marketing.

The new name and logo will serve to brand the company’s products, which are produced by family organic growers from San Diego County in Southern California to the San Joaquin Valley, Mabs said. The family farmers will be a part of the changes that were initiated only after consulting a number of the company’s retail customers, he said.

“The idea of putting a face on the produce has been received well,” Mabs said.

The changes are not limited to name and logo. A new Web site, www.hgofarms.com, is being developed. The Web site, which will be in service by mid-summer, will be more consumer-focused, but will also serve the company’s retail customers, Mabs said. Consumers are demanding more information about how food is grown and who’s doing the growing, he said.

“When you can build a story about the family farmers Homegrown Organic Farms represents, it’s important to the consumers,” Mabs said.

To that end, the Homegrown Organic Farms labels will, in most cases, identify the product’s grower, Mabs said. By visiting the Web site, consumers can learn more about the products they are purchasing and the farmers who produced them, he said.

Because the company has a decade-long history of selling organic produce and because it communicates regularly with consumers, Mabs said the staff believes it has its fingers on the pulse of the core organic shopper.

The company did not conduct focus groups or other third-party research before making the changes, he said.

Homegrown Organic Farms is evaluating point-of-sale materials. The designs will be available to retailers either in print form or downloaded from the Web site, Mabs said.

As label and container designs are developed to reflect the company’s new name, Sierra Heights Marketing labels and containers will continue to be used until the current supply is exhausted.

The increased demand for the company’s produce has led to a new organic cold storage facility in Arvin, Calif.

The facility, which is scheduled to open April 1, will handle the majority of the cold storage requirements for Homegrown Organic Farms, Mabs said, and permits better consolidation of shipments and greater control of product quality and organic integrity.