(Oct. 10) WILMINGTON, Del. — The new marketing manager for the Produce for Better Health Foundation said she plans to use her marketing skills to further promote the health benefits of fruits and vegetables.

Daphne Lee has seven years of advertising and communications experience.

“My experience can certainly help bring marketing and communication ideas and program elements to our licensed members and help put together a very integrated program to help promote the color and variety of fruit and vegetables,” she said.

PBH plans to launch its 5 a Day the Color Way promotion, which promotes the color and variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, at the Produce Marketing Association’s Fresh Summit 2002 in New Orleans Oct. 11-15.

Lee, who joined PBH Aug. 26, will be responsible for developing PBH’s regional retail marketing promotions and national billboard campaign. Lee served as communications manager for Exelon Corp., Philadelphia, a large electric and gas utility from 1998-2002. She previously worked in advertising, where she developed brand management, direct marketing and other marketing and public relations campaigns.

“Our message is so clear and concise and understandable that our consumers will certainly be able to get the message,” Lee said. “The challenge will be getting that message out and hopefully getting some materials in our consumers’ hands so they can begin to add the colorful fruits and vegetables in their diets.”