(March 7, 4:06 p.m.) As the result of its new partnership with Tanimura & Antle Inc., Z&S Fresh Inc. will offer select pepper and onion products year round under its Old El Paso Fresh label.

Z&S Fresh — the licensee of Old El Paso Fresh, licensed by General Mills — expects to ship Salinas, Calif.-based Tanimura & Antle’s red and green bell peppers from May 1 through the end of October and sweet and red onions June 1 through September, said Justin Bedwell, director of marketing for Z&S Fresh, Fresno, Calif.

Tanimura & Antle’s products should allow Z&S to close previous supply gaps between Mexico’s growing seasons, Bedwell said.

“With the agreement, it should really tie together the domestic and import seasons,” Bedwell said.

Green and red peppers will be packed in a 25-pound case, with reds also available in 15-pound packs, while sweet and red onions will be offered in a 40-pound case, Bedwell said.

By summer, 2- and 3-pound high-graphic bags of onions also will be offered, Bedwell said.

Additional Old El Paso Fresh products consist of avocados, tomatoes, chili peppers, lemons and limes.