(Nov. 20) With pomegranates gaining popularity, the Produce Electronic Identification Board and the International Federation for Produce Standards have assigned a new Price Look-Up number for the fruit: 3440 for size 24 and larger fruit.

The old code, 3127, will be used for size 30-36 fruit. The number 4445 will be used for size 42 and smaller fruit.

Kurt Vetter, senior vice president of sales for Pom Wonderful, Los Angeles, said that the new number comes at a great time.

“It allows retailers to price the fruit differently, and to aggressively promote some of the smaller sizes to attract new pomegranate customers,” Vetter said.

He said that consumer demand for fresh pomegranate fruit is up 34% from last season.

“What used to take us three months to sell, we’ll have done in only two months,” Vetter said.