(Sept. 13) IDAHO FALLS, Idaho — Retailers nationwide will have access to a new red-skinned, yellow-flesh potato from Potandon Produce LLC.

Potandon began shipping its Klondike Rose potatoes under the Green Giant label the first week of September.

Developed in Germany and grown by Potandon in western Washington, the Klondike Rose is a proprietary variety the company has been working with for a couple of years, said sales director Dick Thomas.

“It has a great red color and the buttery taste of the yukon gold,” Thomas said.

Potandon is shipping the Klondike Rose in 3-pound, 5-pound and 10-pound poly bags as well as in 28-ounce poly bags of creamers and in 50-pound bulk boxes. Potandon also will ship the potatoes to foodservice customers.

Thomas said he expected the potatoes to be a hit at white-tablecloth restaurants.

Thomas did not have an estimate on how many cartons Potandon expects to ship this year. In its first commercial season, the Klondike Rose will be available out of Washington through February. Potandon has not decided whether to grow and ship it from other regions yet.

Potandon spent a couple years developing the product and last year test planted it in several areas to determine where to grow it. Ultimately, it decided on western Washington.

“We did test markets and consumer panels,” Thomas said. “Consumers loved the taste, and our customers liked how they moved off the shelves.”

The bags also will feature recipes.

“We find that explaining to the consumer how to use the product helps sales,” Thomas said.

Steve Ottum, chief operating officer for Potandon, said retailers could use the Klondike Rose to help build the potato category.

“It offers consumers a new and exciting potato,” Ottum said. “This really could give the trade a high-quality new variety.”