MEXICO CROSSINGS THROUGH ARIZONA, CALIFORNIA AND TEXAS DISTRICT — Crossings (6-6-9) — Movement expected to remain about the same. Trading active. Prices higher. Flats of 12 6-ounce cups with lids $24-28. Includes palletization and cooling. Wide range in quality.

SOUTH AND CENTRAL CALIFORNIA DISTRICT — Shipments (3-4-5) — Movement expected to increase. Supplies insufficient and in too few hands to establish a market. More central California production is expected in early April. The first f.o.b. report was expected to begin April 7.

CENTRAL AND NORTH FLORIDA — Shipments (0-0-1) — Movement expected to increase as harvesting increases. Current supplies very light and in too few hands to establish a market. Cool and wet weather has slowed maturity. The first f.o.b. shipping point report was expected by April 7.

Sections The Packer: 
Pricing Dates: 
Sunday, March 30, 2014 to Saturday, April 12, 2014


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