CHILE — Imports (3-10-16) — Imports by boat. Movement expected to remain about the same. Current supplies continue to be sold prior to arrival.

YAKIMA VALLEY AND WENATCHEE DISTRICT, WASH. — Shipments (192-205-183, includes exports 64-73-55) — Movement expected about the same. Trading fairly active. Prices generally unchanged. 4/5-bushel cartons wrapped U.S. 1 anjou 70-110s mostly $22-24, 120s mostly $22, 135s $20-22; bosc (generally standard russet) 70-90s mostly $22-24, 100-120s $18-20; fine appearance (generally golden russet) 70-90s mostly $26, 100-120s $20-22. Quality generally good. 

Sections The Packer: 
Pricing Dates: 
Sunday, February 23, 2014 to Saturday, March 8, 2014


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