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IMPERIAL, COACHELLA AND PALO VERDE VALLEYS, CALIF., CENTRAL AND WESTERN ARIZONA AND MEXICO CROSSINGS THROUGH SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA AND SAN LUIS, ARIZ. — Crossings (MX 17-15-6*, shipments AZ 22-22-17, CA 2-2-1) — Movement expected to decrease. Trading moderate. Prices higher. Cilantro cartons bunched 60s mostly $9.25-11.45, 30s mostly $7.25-8.45. Quality generally good. *data incomplete

LOWER RIO GRANDE VALLEY, TEXAS — Shipments (5-5-5) — Movement expected to decrease slightly. Trading early slow, late moderate. Prices higher. Cartons cilantro bunched 60s $12.35-12.85. Quality generally good.

OXNARD DISTRICT, CALIF. — Shipments (2-2-2) — Movement expected about the same. Trading early fairly slow, late moderate. Prices 60s higher, 30s lower. Cilantro cartons bunched 60s $8.75-9.75, 30s $5.75-6.25. Quality generally good.

CENTRAL COAST, CALIF. — Movement expected to increase above the 2 units shipped the week of March 17 as more shippers begin. Trading moderate. Prices higher. Unofficial prices cilantro cartons bunched 60s $8.75-8.95, 30s $5.45-6.75. Quality generally good. Prices from trade sources. No f.o.b. report issued as of March 24.

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Sunday, March 23, 2014 to Saturday, April 5, 2014


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