(Oct. 22) Boston-based Costa Fruit & Produce Co.’s “imove” program now has children in 14 Massachusetts schools eating healthful snacks and learning about fresh produce.

Students at Salemwood School, Malden, Mass., were introduced to the program in September.

On Oct. 9, Salemwood students participated in a quarterly imove prize drawing and sampled an apple dessert made with fresh, locally grown mcintosh apples, yogurt and other ingredients, said Mike Scuderi, Costa Fruit & Produce’s marketing director.

The program reaches an estimated 10,000 children each day, delivering healthful meal ideas and the program’s message to “Choose Health.” Children earn imove points for choosing healthful foods in school cafeterias.

The more points a child earns, the better chance he or she has of winning prizes, such as basketballs, water bottles and Boston Red Sox caps.

The imove program offers quarterly lunchtime food demonstrations and samplings in each of the participating schools.