(March 11, 11:23 a.m.) Some retailers do a better job than others of selling Chilean grapes, berries and stone fruit.

Now, a recently released retail sales kit shares the secrets of their success.

The Sonoma, Calif.-based Chilean Fresh Fruit Association reviewed sales data from top retailers of Chilean fruit, summarized its findings and is now offering them in brochure and PowerPoint formats, according to an association news release.

The PowerPoint presentation can be found in the Retailer Support section of the association’s Web site, www.chileanfreshfruit.com. The full-color brochure can be ordered through the Web site.

The report aims to help retailers answer questions including:

  • How many varieties of each category should be carried?

  • When should sales of Chilean fruit begin?

  • Should different grape varieties be combined in a single ad?

  • Should all stone fruit varieties be promoted together in a single ad?

Based on the association’s analysis, best practices of successful retailers include:

  • Expanding varieties across all categories.

  • Increasing the size of berry packages, especially blueberries, to 18 ounces.

  • Promoting early in the season.

  • Promoting multiple varieties at the same time.

  • Selling grapes in fixed-weight packages.