(March 10, 11:25 a.m.) An Omaha, Nebraska-based company recalled three varieties of sprouts after health officials linked it to an outbreak of Salmonella Saintpaul.

SunSprout Enterprises Inc. recalled its alfalfa, onion and gourmet sprouts sold in eastern Nebraska and Iowa.

According to a March 3 news release, the sprouts were distributed through seven different companies and directly to one retailer. Neither state officials nor the company had any test data that links the illnesses to the company. The release said the recall is a precautionary measure and an investigation is pending.

A spokesman for SunSprout could not be reached for comment.

The first case was reported Feb. 2, said Marla Augustine, director of communications and legislative services for the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services. The last reported case was on Feb. 23.

As of March 5, Augustine said there have been 17 confirmed cases and six probable cases in Nebraska.

“We’re hoping that it’s over,” she said. “We suspect the product has been used.”

Polly Carver-Kimm, public information officer for the Iowa Department of Public Health, said as of March 5 there had been 7 confirmed cases and three pending cases of Salmonella Saintpaul.

The sprouts were sold under the SunSprout label in 4-ounce clamshells with sell-by dates of March 2, March 4, March 7, March 9, March 11 and March 14.

The alfalfa variety also was sold in 2.5- and 5-pound bulk foodservice packs.