Seald Sweet International is moving into tropicals, adding pineapples, mangoes and other items.

The Vero Beach, Fla. grower, shipper, importer and marketer hired two salesmen to run its tropicals commodity division which it introduced on March 7.

Seald Sweet creates tropical commodity division

The division adds pineapples, plantains, mangoes, avocados and other fruit to said Seald Sweet’s fresh fruit offerings.

Leading Seald Sweet’s tropical sales are Kevin Manning and Jeff Krafft, two former partners of Dulce Fresh LLC, a Kingston, Mass.-based produce sales and importing company which discontinued operations on March 1. Manning and Krafft have a total of 35 years of experience selling imported tropicals

Kimberly Flores, Seald Sweet’s marketing manager, said she wasn’t sure how many stock-keeping units of tropicals the division plans to handle, but said other tropicals such as papayas fit the category and could be included in future expansions of the division.

“This has been a goal of ours for quite some time,” Flores said. “This is just a perfect fit for our company and our steps towards our strategic growth. One reason why it works so well is because we have so many sourcing opportunities within the group of our companies. It not only advances Seald Sweet as an organization but will also benefit others in our Univeg group of companies that will be instrumental in sourcing the products.”

Steve Tursi, Seald Sweet’s vice president of business development, oversees the tropicals division.