Customized Brokers to build cold storage for this season

Customized Brokers, a Miami-based Crowley Maritime company, will have a new cold-storage facility in Miami this fall.

It should help with efficiency, according to Nelly Yunta, vice president of U.S. imports, customs brokerage and consulting.

The new facility is under construction and set to be open in November for this season.

Fresh Results grows production to become year-round shipper

Fresh Results LLC, Sunrise, Fla., is now a year-round blueberry shipper.

“We have production through all 52 weeks,” Eric Crawford, president, said.

The company has year-round operations for other products, including blackberries and papayas.

The company has operations in several different places, including Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Oregon, British Columbia, Argentina, Chile and Mexico.

The company also has corporations in several locations as well to better serve their customers, including the U.S., Argentina, Chile, Peru, Mexico and soon Brazil, by the end of year, Crawford said.

Naturipe Farms relaunches Berry Quick packages

Naturipe Farms LLC, headquartered in Naples, Fla., has relaunched its line of ready-to-eat, individually sized packages of blueberries this summer.

“We’d done some tests a little over a year ago, and we relaunched it this summer,” said Jim Roberts, vice president of sales.

The single-serving pack size depends on the retailer, Roberts said, but it’s usually a 1- or 2-ounce serving, sold in groups of three.

Roberts said the products initially were created to help develop foodservice, and the process the company goes through for the BerryQuick line actually extends shelf life for the berries, making them a good choice for restaurants and retail.

McDonald’s uses the berry packs for an oatmeal topping.

“We’ve seen good retail interest as we get to back-to-school promotions,” Roberts said.